Is Your Filter Off Kilter?


FIND the ability in disability!

Help children manage the challenges of


  • developmental differences

  • sensory processing disorders

  • social anxiety


Is Your Filter Off Kilter? is written for children who may struggle socially with peer and/or classroom interactions. Maybe they blurt out things that may appear "rude" to other people. With amusing illustrations and situations, readers learn about the "filter" we all have in our brains which sifts out what we say to other people; an image that visually oriented children can understand.


It's also a primer packed with valuable tips for parents and teachers.  This book addresses sensory and verbal issues, stressing a team approach. Judith Rosenfield CCC-SLP has been teaching parents to be advocates for their children for many years and shares her knowledge in the fun educational book Is Your Filter Off Kilter?


Parents AND children will return to this book for re-reads!